Most powerfull guilds

Barrys Cartel

8 kills

Fat Coks

6 kills


2 kills
Jan 26 2019 -
Client and ip changer

ip changer!DgUCRArQ!2cCTcd6XmiVI0CuuhgxLRnS9Vq4NhSN6Wik4uwArxiA

Jan 21 2019 -
New Ultimate spells
Knight -- Exori super gran
Paladin -- exevo san condition
Druid -- druid fury
Sorcerer -- blind anger
Level 200 for these spells

Jan 12 2019 -
Spawn Updates

Recently its been decided to change some spawns that are not being used and likely wont be used to higher level spawns.

Currently Changed Spawns:

Krailos -- Upgrade Complete
Tyrsung -- Upgrade Complete
forgramor mines-- few floors changed to custom creature for higher levels.

Jan 07 2019 -
New Boss Custom weapons

1:Buy Gleaming starlight vial
2: go into prison tp and then north
3: party leader stand on tile as shown in picture and use Vial on the metal hand
4:Reest of the team enter tp after leader uses vial

Boss will despawn after 15 minutes
A team is Strongly recommended the boss is hard.

Holy Hammer (Atk:55 physical + 15 holy, Def:30, club fighting +5).3x imbue

Holy Wand (magic level +5, protection physical +8%). 3x imbue

Holy Rod (magic level +5, protection physical +8%).3x imbue

Holy Slayer (Atk:55 physical + 15 holy, Def:32, sword fighting +5).3x imbue

Holy Chopper (Atk:55 physical + 15 holy, Def:32, axe fighting +5).3x imbue

God Bow (Range: 7, Atk +7, Hit% +7, distance fighting +5). 3x imbue

Avalanch Arrow aoe ice arrow(=and better than diamond)

Jan 06 2019 -
Cast System
The cast system should be working now.

Stream your play through the client

!cast ---start, now player can login to the client with no
info in the account name and password and watch!

!stopcast-- stops the cast


Dec 20 2018 -
Custom Falcon Boss for items

Buy an eye key for soloing or a key to knowledge for 2 people from the black market vendor head to rosh prison tp were the new platform is north, use eye key or key to knowledge on statue and you will tp into room and boss will spawn. this is a very hard boss for high level characters.

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